Setting Up Yoroi Wallet on new Computer

Hi All,

New at the ada staking and yoroi wallet game. I have successfully transferred ada into my yoroi wallet extension and staked however, I need to give this computer back and have a new one waiting. How can I transfer everything over to the new computer? I read a few threads and it seems I need a seed phrase? I did everything through my Ledge Nano S so didn’t need one?
Any help greatly appreciated


Just install the yoroi browser extension on the new PC and connect your ledger… that’s all

Thanks heaps Alex much appreciated.
On a separate topic. IF I delete the cardano app on my ledger nano s to load another app on.

How will it affect my ada on yoroi? Is it just unable to access? or do i have to watch out for anything else?

Thanks in advance


Should not be affected, next time when u will install Cardano app u should see ur funds sitting there

Thankyou kind sir

Please also make sure you have the Ledger recovery phrase safely stored. :beers: