Yoroi and Ledger Nano X

Hi, forgive the noob questions but I need a bit of help please.

1/ I have created a Shelley wallet on my MacBook and connected it to my Nano X……I don’t recall getting a recovery phrase? Is this ok?

2/ I have transferred my ADA from Binance into my Yoroi wallet. I have plugged in my Nano X and opened up the app on my Ledger……is my ADA now safe on my Nano X, do I have to sync them again for it to register? :woozy_face:

3/ If I stake my ADA through Yoroi wallet is there a risk of it getting nicked?

Thanks guys. :+1:t3:

Hi @Horse

You should have the seed from your Ledger Nano X. In case you loose access to your Ledger device, you are able to restore the keys with that, which you are using when you connect your Ledger via Yoroi.

Not sure what you mean with that question.

No thats the cool thing about Cardano. When you delegate your funds to a stake pool, you are still in control of your funds. Worst thing what could happen is that you dont get any rewards because the pool doesnt work as he should. In that case you only have to redelegate to a new pool.

I hope this helps you.


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Thanks Fabian! Appreciate you getting back to me!

1/ I have the seed for my Nano X secure safely etc, just wanted to double check that I shouldn’t have the seed for the Shelley wallet. Just hard trying to visualise what you are actually doing when connecting up wallets with ledger etc.

2/ Not sure i do either. :rofl::rofl::rofl: Don’t worry.

3/ Fantastic, that’s what I wanted to hear!

Thanks again. :+1:t3:

Maybe this will help you abit to understand how a hardware wallet works :

The private key which you need to sign a transaction is stored on your Ledger device and never leave. When you connect your Ledger device to a software wallet like Yoroi, it acts like a gateway between your Ledger and the blockchain. You could also connect your Ledger to Adalite or Daedalus and you would always see the same infos because the keys are stored on your Ledger device.

Its the same thing about Ledger Live, just with different coins.

Ok, I think I understand it a bit better, thanks. One last question……if I don’t have my ledger connected to my Mac and my Yoroi wallet can I still make transactions or is that the bit that provides the security, it has to be connected!?!? Apologies if I’m missing the point again. :thinking:

Ok, tried to send from Yoroi back to Binance without Ledger connected and couldn’t do it obviously. I can see the relationships now!

Top man, thanks again for taking the time to help me. :+1:t3:

You are able to open Yoroi and see your funds but as soon as you want to make a transaction, you will need your Ledger and sign it there.

But obviously if someone gets your seed, he would be able to restore the keys with that on a different device and could sign the transaction without being in possession of your own device.

Got it. :+1:t3:

100% last question……

When I go to stake my Ada…….the pool on my ledger screen does not match one shown on my Yoroi staking option (azure) is there a reason for that?

:pray:t3: Thanks. :+1:t3:

Its just another format (BECH32).

for example check here :

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Legend, Thanks.

I have a Ledger Nano X and I use the Yoroi app with a Shelly wallet for ADA. Unfortunately, I cannot send ADA to my Coinbase account or anywhere else for that matter. Every time I attempt to send ADA, I get the error message, “Something unexpected happened. Please retry.” I have updated all firmware, I have attempted this from 3 different laptops using Firefox, Chrome, and Edge, with and without a VPN, and with and without the Ledger Live app being activated.

So, you mentioned, “You could also connect your Ledger to Adalite or Daedalus and you would always see the same infos because the keys are stored on your Ledger device.” I have downloaded Daedalus, but I don’t know how to connect to Daedalus and I guess I’m a little confused about how my ADA could exist on two wallets.

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide. This has been very frustrating and stressful.

Your ADA doesnt exist in a wallet, they are on the blockchain and the keys on your Ledger are the tool you need to access them.

I’d recommand you to go to adalite.io → select “hardware wallet” → unlock with Ledger

Hey, if my Ada is staked and there is roughly just over one day left of the current epoch can I still remove my Ada and send it to an exchange or do I have to wait for a period of time? Is the withdrawal from the stake pool instant? Many thanks. :+1:t3:

Your ADA arent locked at any time. You can spend them whenever you want :slight_smile:


Hello Zyrosa.

I just sent Ada coins from yoroi to my crypto. Com wallet, without my ledger X being connected nor nearby? How is this possible? And it showed in crypto. Com immediately…

This means that you didnt connect your Ledger with Yoroi.

Hello, I have a question. Is there anyway that private keys or seed phrase is exported from ledger. Assuming that private keys are stored in safe location can private keys be exported from ledger when connecting say to yoroi when connecting the device? Or when connecting the ledger device the only thing that is shared is public key ? This is something that I don’t understand. I’d appreciate your feedback! Thanks!

You cannot export the seed phrase from Ledger. It is only shown once when installing it. You can however install a Ledger app on your hardware wallet and check is the seed phrase is correct.
Additionaly here are some tips on how to split the seed phrase for a robuust backup: Seed phrase wallet backup template - Google Docs

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