Yoroi ADA wallet

Guys i just need your help regarding yoroi and legder nano x.i remove the yoroi extension from chrome then when i got it back instead of restoring yoroi with ledger connected to the laptop i accidentally created a new one.now when im entering the 24 phrase im getting the last one i created.not the one that has balance on it.im willing to give 100 ADA to anyone who can help me.im not a scammer…please help…

Delete the wallet (I think u created a simple wallet) and:

  • open yoroi
  • add wallet (Shelley era)
  • connect ledger


creating a new wallet wouldn’t make your balance to be gone.
So, don’t worry.
You can do the following steps :

  1. Access Yoroi Extension.
  2. Add a new wallet
    3.Click Connect to hardware wallet
  3. Click Cardano
  4. Click Ledger hardware wallet
  5. Choose Shelley era wallet
    Make sure your ledger is unlocked and connected to your PC , and cardano application is ready, on the ledger it should say “waiting for commands”
  6. Click Connect on yoroi, and Ledger shows "Export public key … " → you have to confirm on your ledger
  7. Yoroi would ask you to connect to your ledger, and the ledger shows “waiting for commands”
  8. Click Connect on yoroi, and ledger shows “Export public key …”–> you have to confirm on your ledger
  9. Your wallet is recovered successfully and dashboard will show your balance