My Ada balance does not show right on Ledger Nano S

Guys, I am little confused I stored my Ada on Ledger Nano S and I have used Yoroi extension. I have stored them on here for more than 2 years now and the last time I checked like 3 months ago the balance was right. Today, when I read that Staking is possible using Yoroi on Ledger, I did the update to the firmware to 1.6.1. Also, I have updated the Cardano software to 2.0.4. But, when I connected to the Yoroi, I only see the half the balance of my ADA ? I just moved the current balance to the Shelley wallet from Byron. I do not know where my other half have gone ? Did any of you gone through this situation before and know how to retrieve them ?

I tried to check my balance using AdaLite too and it still shows half the amount. I am freaking out now. I do not know where my other funds have gone. Thank you

Is there a transaction sending half your funds away?

If not, then your ada would be in a different wallet.

Thanks for you response, I do not see any outflow transaction. How to retrieve from a different wallet ? I usually just connect to hardware wallet through my yoroi extension and authenticate it. That’s it, it use to show my balance. Am I missing something ?

What I mean is your ada can’t just not be there with no transaction.

Are you sure all your ada was on your ledger before?

Reason I say is because you mention you connected to Yoroi only half your ada was there. Am I right in thinking you had to access your wallet again, it wasn’t still there? Meaning you uninstalled yoroi or had deleted your wallets before?

Are you sure all your ada was on your ledger and not in two wallets, which you could see both with Yoroi.

Yes, I am pretty sure all my ADA was on ledger. I moved them last year from the exchange. The last time I checked my balance was very recently. I did not delete any wallet or uninstalled Yoroi from my browser. However, I did not remember having two wallets for my ADA. So, I am not really sure even if I have two wallets, it should display which wallet to access right when I connect through my Ledger ?

So you didn’t delete your wallet, your ada was showing 3 months ago. Then today you look at your computer today, without having to access your wallet again and there is half the ada, with no transactions.

It’s simply impossible for ada to move out of a wallet without a transaction.

This is why I would suggest your ada was in another wallet. Do you have any other wallets (seed words)

I am clueless too, since there is no transaction history for the remaining balance. I just have one hardware wallet for ADA.

Just try restoring bryron era wallet

And also shelley era wallet

See if your funds show in one of those

Thank you, I’ll do that. Also, verifying my transactions using my public address on