Anyone else missing Ada from their Yoroi - Ledger Wallets?

Just recently logged into my Yoroi-Ledger wallet and noticed about 20,746 ada went missing from my wallet. There’s no transaction history of anything being sent out or anything. The last transaction I received was a little over 90,500 ada which is the last transaction that is shown in my history, so therefore I should have about that amount. So thought I’d bring this up to see if anyone else is experiencing this.

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I’m having the same issue. Removed and downloaded the extension, still not showing my balance…

How about your transaction history is it also not showing anything being sent out also?

Yeah, it didn’t show that any were sent out of the wallet. I’ve reinstalled on both firefox and chrome and balance still isnt showing.

I’m not to sure what’s going on, i’ve sent an email to support to find out whats the issue so hopefully I hear back from them quickly to find out whats going on. Maybe it’s a technical issue or something because don’t see how any of my ada in my wallet can be sent with out physically having my ledger connected and approving the transaction.

If I find out anything i’ll update here.

I’ve reached out to support as well. It has to be a technical issue related to the update most likely. I’m hoping its a quick fix.

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Hi Guys,
There was an issue requiring the guys to resync from scratch. Your funds are safe. Yoroi should be back soon (not more than a few hours). If you need to make an immediate outgoing transaction meanwhile, you can access the same wallet via adalite. Incoming transactions and funds will show up fine once its operational again.


Thanks for providing an update!

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Hi guys
Writing from Brazil
I’m having the same issue,
My ADAs just desapear few minutes ago
Yoroi Ledger Wallet Nano S
All of them

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Check the response above. Its all safe, just wait for the announcement to resume operations.



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thanks for this info…;;
thnks :smiley:

Oof that was scary


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Thank you Cardano Forum. You prevented a heart attack for me this morning when my account balance showed zero.


How not losing confidence when things like that occurs?
I don’t feel good having my bag in Yoroi anymore :fearful::fearful:

and it’s even more disappointing when it occurs on a very very bad timing, when the price is skyrocketing :unamused:

Watch my latest interview with Charles about that topic…