Anyone else missing Ada from their Yoroi - Ledger Wallets?

Technically, your funds are protected by your Ledger Nano S so they are not “stored” in Yoroi. Although I do wish that Daedalus finally implemented Ledger support cause these things are scary…

I know my funds are safe on ledger nano s but scary to see this 0.000000 on top of wallet and having no access to my funds on yoroi right now…

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I understand, but you do have access to funds via adalite as mentioned above

Yikes. I was concerned because I only activated Yoroi a day ago, did a test transfer of ADA, then a full transfer to get it off the exchange. Come back and see my confirmed transactions were there but a zero balance. Uninstalled Yoroi from Chrome and reinstalled - typed in recovery - now no transactions and zero balance. Hmm. Then found this forum (just joined past hour) and read this. Did what you said (adalite) and there you have it! As of this post Yoroi still shows zero balance but adalite reassured me. Thanks for the info. :slight_smile:


Almost the same for me but it shows 0 transactions and 0 ADA. But I set up my new Ledger Nano X the day before yesterday at my home computer and transferred about 30000 ADA to it in four transactions. Today i installed Yoroi on work computer and found it was northing on the Ledger. But via the forum i got the tip to use adalite. Should i consider send my ada to the exchange via adalite? In some way i feel confused about the Ledger.

Totally understand your concern, however 85% of the trade are made by Algo/trading software. Those stupid algo programs have no idea about what is going wrong in the real world. Look at the market today. Funds are SAFU (Safe Asset For Users)

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If you need to make a transaction immediately, yes, you can use adalite for now, which works with Ledger Nano S + X (over USB).


Yep, “Cardano is whitepaper coin with crappy wallets” comments incomming… :confused:

We are on Yoroi topics. Cardano has nothing to do with this topic.

LMAO , another EOS fanboy here

same thing happening to me. no need to worry though… all coins are there when checking the explorer. wait and chill.

Almost there, should start working shortly

You did notice I was being sarcastic, right? I am a Cardano supporter and my comment was being ironic…

Yoroi is fully operational now, OK to resume normal usage.


Thank You, Great, i keep my ADA on the Ledger!

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Mine was too. LOL

Checked my Yoroi wallet just now and all’s well. Balance shows, etc.

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