Sent ADA to Ledger Nano X - 0 ADA balance on Yoroi browser but have the correct amount on my Yoroi mobile for Android

Checked other threads but didn’t find a similar issue.

I sent some ADA last night around 13 hours ago to my ledger nano X (using Yoroi) for the first time, the balance for the web app is currently still 0 with no transaction history. On the mobile app, I can see the correct balance & transaction history as well as the new wallet address. Not sure if this is a known issue yet but was confused as the mobile app seems to be working.

Hesitant on sending my entire balance over to my ledger now, anyone encounter this before? I was thinking of using Daedalus wallet for my computer instead but wanted to get some opinions first.


Can you please try to sync your wallet manually?

I guess its only a syncing issue as Yoroi as some problems right now.

you can connect the ledger on if the funds are there then you are fine

Thanks for the update Zyroxa. I was looking into a method for manually syncing the wallet but unfortunately wasn’t able to. On the bright side, the website did sync just now but took about 22hours vs the 12 for the mobile app.

This was by backup idea, set up either daedalus or adalite, finally got the balance updated on my web account as well, took a bit longer though.

Settings → Wallet → resync wallet