Transaction query - Yoroi Nano x Byron wallet to Daedalus Shelley wallet


So i recently checked my Ledger Nano X Byron wallet on Yoroi (Chrome) and found my ADA that has been sitting there for a while and I want to delegate it and get some rewards.
I have downloaded Daedalus, synced to the blockchain and created a new (Shelley) wallet to use for staking.
Now I am trying to do a small test transaction from my Nano X Byron wallet on Yoroi to my new Daedalus wallet however I have a concern.
When going through the steps of the transaction, I am asked to confirm first the small value of ADA being sent on my Nano X display, thats fine. Then the receiving address, again fine.

My issue comes next when it is all of a sudden coming up with my remaining ADA balance on the Byron wallet minus the small figure I am trying to send, again with the message “send” visible.
I am stopping the transaction at this point as I have not asked for a transaction of the full balance and am concerned as why this is coming up.

Can anyone advise further? Is this because I am moving to a Shelley wallet or because of another issue, or am I safe to continue?



Please see this topic

Happy delegation!

If u have any questions, feel free to ask!

Thanks Alex, much appreciated.


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