Can't send from Yoroi Ledger (Byron)

I am trying to send ADA from my Yoroi Ledger Byron wallet but after I confirm the amount being sent on my Ledger Nano S device, it asks to confirm another (large) amount of ADA to send to another address (in the past, it should ask me to confirm the tx fee at this stage)


Please read that blog before you confirm anything :


Makes total sense now - thank you!


Same thing is happening on my ledger and the address looks strange. I read through the emurgo article, but basically I just want to know if it’s okay or not. Emurgo mentions nothing about this extra step in the articles I’ve read about using Yoroi wallet with Ledger. So is it okay or not?

Yes it is OK, the second address is part of your own wallet (how, is explained in article referred above).

For analogy:
When you send someone 10$ out of 90$ in your wallet, you may use a 20$ note (input) and then 10$ to recipient and the remainder 10$ back to your wallet (as change). The two confirmations you talk about are similar - first for sending out, and second for remainder to be sent back to yourself.


Thank you very much. And I understand better now. Sort of wish Emurgo would update their site because there was no mention of this in videos I watched or articles I could find. Just frustrating with that windows security message coming up. Haven’t moved any ADA in a while and last time I could use the adalite wallet which was great. Can’t use adalite at all now, but think I can get through with Yoroi. Regardless, this community is much appreciated and I’m still a huge fan of Cardano. Thanks again.

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I cannot tell you how at ease finding your thread made me feel. Thank you very much! I must say nothing was mentioned in the steps and speaking as a complete novice, entry level (immediate) enthusiast i have little knowledge. I’ve been sweating 24-36 hours whether to proceed or not hahaha! So thank you very much and of course, if i can support or help in anyway to somehow get this key bit of info written into the steps that would be amazing for guys and girls like me, of entry level (of which we all know there are a tonne, mass-market not even touched yet…but is coming coming coming)…This will only help, any aspects where the fear of the techhy side can be allayed for a complete novice,

Thanks again guys, Rock On!!!

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