Zero Balance on both Byron and Shelley

Hi all, I successfully transferred ADA via adalite back in May 2019 using a Ledger Nano S. I was able to see the transaction and view my balance. Yesterday when I went back to adalite to check the balance it was zero, showing no transactions.

I have hunted through forum posts and followed instructions to use Yoroi and setup a Byron wallet in the hope it can be transferred but the Byron wallet via Yoroi also has a zero balance.

I’m not sure what to do next. I have also sent ticket into IOHK support too.

Thank you for any advice you can give.

Hey @jim_jackson

Conntect your Ledger with Yoroi → Claim/Transfer → Byron Wallet → Icarus/Yoroi wallet → Legacy Hardware wallet

If this doesnt help you probably should wait for the answer from the IOHK support team.


Thank you very much @Zyroxa for the fast reply.

I have followed those instructions but I am met with a pop up asking for my hardware recovery phrase. Surely I shouldn’t enter my 24 word phrase. That would burn my hardware wallet.

Yes your answer is totaly correct. Im not sure about that pop up…

Imo id wait for the answer from IOHK or send a request to the Yoroi support team : Yoroi - Light Wallet for Cardano

Ok thank you, I’ll contact their support too. Appreciate your help.

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Hi, I just had a response from IOHK and they are just telling me to load the Byron wallet. If nothings there then nothing there!!

I think all my ADA has just vanished. Not sure what to do.

I’ve sorted it out!!! AMEN!!!

Moral of the story. NEVER use a Ledger.

Happy for u!

How did u solved it?
share ur experience with us!


What was the problem?

It was also my fault but the Nano S is so fiddly the way you have to assign your pass phrase to a pin code. I must have not entered the correct code. Never have that issue with Trezor One. But obviously you can’t view Cardano with the One so I have ordered a Model T. The ledger is getting wiped and going in the bin.

So user error and an unfriendly device combined. Just so grateful the ADA is all there!!

Thanks for your help.

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Happy delegation!

I need to do some research on delegation and how it works as I’m a total noobie. :slight_smile:

If you want I can provide ur something… wait

How safe is it to delegate to a stake pool? – IOHK Support.

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