YOROI - Byron Era wallet

Hello guys. I hope someone can help me. I have a problem with Yoroi wallet. My ADA funds are missing.Balance is showing as 0. I don’t use ADA often. The last transaction was 6 months ago and If I remember correctly I transferred my ADA coins between Yoroi addresses which I found on last transaction on YOROI wallet and since then I made no further transactions. From and to address of transaction starts with letter A means its Byron Era wallet.I’ve checked the blockchain and the coins are still there.

Sometime I use Ledger Nano S to connect and not sure whether it might have been transfer it there. to Yoroi wallet. Ledger Nano S do not have Cardano App so please advise

But do u see any transactions history?
Can u share one of the address from yoroi?

Hi Alex,
Thanks and appreciate for your prompt response. I have detail history of From Wallet - Ae2tdPwUPEZBsMV4gCe94abdx6tNtehR69thXJobc5RVmF6nbKDabVqhjxg and receiving wallet also starts with Ae2 wallet - Ae2tdPwUPEZKTUDitVcL5vCxDkr1xz…(not disclosed fill addressed as I am not sure whether we should share the wallet info).

Sharing the address it will make visible only the informations about your balance and your transactions… you can delete the addresses now

I see that 7months ago ADA were moved to another byron wallet … probably:

  • u moved the ADA to another simple/standard byron wallet (you will need the 2nd seed words)
  • u moved the ADA to ledger wallet (install cardano app and connect the ledger on yoroi or adalite.io)
  • u moved the ADA to an exchange


Hi Alex,
I did not moved these to another exchange for sure but not sure about

  1. You moved the ADA to another simple/standard byron wallet (you will need the 2nd seed words) - I dont know how to navigate and search another Byron Era wallet on YOROI extension and you mentioned on second seed word so how it looks ? I have 15 words recovery phrase and tried multiple time to recover but its show no funds :frowning:
  2. I have Ledge Nano S but did not see Cardano app but it might have wiped out after Nano new firmware update so I will reinstall Cardano app and try to connect. I will confirm in a day or 2.
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you don’t see the balance but u can see the transaction (when the funds were sent to another address/wallet)