Ledger Nano S Connection Question

Hello guys,
I already have Yoroi installed but as far as I understood I am supposed to install new Yoroi version in order to connect it to the Ledger Nano S,since in my current one I can not access the Option "‘Create or restore a wallet connected to a Ledger device."I transfered very small amout ADA but can not see it on Ledger Nano S am I supposed to see it in the device itself or it’s normal to see it only in Yoroi(yes Yoroi and Ledger Nano S are connected )

hello @Vaeran

i guess you have to learn some basics before you continue :smiley:

your nano ledger s doesn’t contain the tokens. it’s like a pocket for your private key. with yoroi and your nano ledger you are able to open that wallet. so yes its normal that you only see your ada tokens in yoroi :slight_smile:

Thank you for your reply @Zyroxa!Yes I am new to the Ledger and still a lot of things are unclear for me.Ok my other stupid question I unplug the Hardware wallet but the Yoroi-Ledger Wallet is still oppened I can not receive or send ADA when my Hardware Wallet is unplug right?

@Vaeran when your nano ledger s is unplugged, you are not able to send any tokens via yoroi. but you are still able to receive :slight_smile: