Cardano Blackboard Series 5: What is plausible deniability?

Plausible deniability can take your crypto security to the next level.


Should anyone want a USB flash drive for plausible deniability, storing all your secrets on it, Nitrokey has one:

The only hardware solution with hidden encrypted storage. This allows you to plausibly deny the existence of encrypted data, for example during border controls.

Okay, but this has absolutely nothing to do with the video. :man_shrugging:

An Ada holder could save their secrets on a device that gives them plausible deniability of their Ada holdings, how is that not applicable?

The point of the video was to actually give the attacker the seed / wallet. Not to hide it. But I understand there are always different approaches.

Why hasn’t plausible deniability been implemented in the standard yoroi wallet (but only the paper wallet)?