Send Ada from Yoroi to Leger Nano X

I wanted to store some ADA on my Ledger Nano X.
So I created a Yoroi-Ledger wallet on Yoroi browser extension.
Something I don’t understand is I am able to send ADA from my Yoroi wallet to my Yoroi-Legder wallet without my Ledger device being connected. What is stored exactly on Yoroi… (I know the private key is not stored of course) ?
Thank you.

Hey @bato202

The only thing what is stored on your Ledger device are the private and public key. They private key isnt ever exposed and keeps remaining in the secure chip on your device.

The public key is however (as the name says) public for anyone. You can send your funds to any address (public key) without having the wallet connected anywhere. Thats exactly whats happening here.

The hardware wallet is only needed if you want to make a transaction because you have to sign the transaction with your private key which is stored on your hardware wallet.

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