Yoroi ledger question

Hey everybody,

I had a question about my ledger and yoroi i hope somebody can help me. I connected my leder to my yoroi wallet so i could delegate my ada but i was wondering is my ada nog on my ledger or on yoroi? And if it is on my yoroi what what the use of linking them together?

Hope somebody can help me!

Hey @Skusku

Your ada are stored on the blockchain but they keys to your wallet are stored on your Ledger.

Yoroi acts as an interface to manage your keys.


Sorry but i am pretty new to the world of crypto. So does this mean i can only reach the ADA with my ledger because it has the key? But if that is true why can i still acces my yoroi on my pc without connecting my ledger?

And another question what happens if my pc get lost/stolen. Does that mean if i open yoroi on another pc i can still acces the same wallet if i connect my ledger? And if the person opens the wallet on my stolen laptop can he also acces the ada without my ledger?

I hope i am nog asking a stupid question, but thank you for your quick response!

You are able to see/check your funds without your Ledger yes, but as soon as you want to make a transaction you will need the ledger device.

Just simply connect your Ledger with a supported wallet like Daedalus, Yoroi or Adalite and then you have access to your funds again.

Nope he will be able to see how many ada you have, but hes not able to make a transaction without your Ledger.

You dont :slight_smile:


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Thank you very much for al the information great explanation!

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