I am struggling to see my ADA on Yoroi

Hi everyone, I am struggling to see my ADA on Yoroi , I have read some of the responses in the form regarding the update on the version, I have done so , however I can’t connect my mobile to my ledger where I stored my ADA in the first place, your advise

If u have an USB cable then try to connect the ledger on adalite.io or install yoroi chrome extension wallet (use PC/laptop)

Many thanks , unfortunately Ian just started to learn different techniques to overcome obstacles, could you please simplify your answers for to digest :blush:

Do u have a laptop/PC? If yes downlod yoroi or open adalite.io and connect your ledger …
contact yoroi team and ask them if there are issues connecting the ledger to mobile via BT

I’ll try my best
Do you mind if I come back to you if I need help

No, why should I?

Thanks a lot

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I found my ADA on adalite , how can I transfer them to a different wallet

why you will want to transfer them
there are secured by ledger right?

can you explain to me what do you want to do?