Yoroi (Ledger) iOS & Chrome - Can't Sync the wallet between 2 platforms

I have a Ledger Nano X an iPhone and a Laptop. I have Yoroi mobile on my iPhone and I created a Cardano wallet on Yoroi which was done with my Ledger Nano X.

This wallet works fine.

However it cannot seem to stake ADA via mobile it keeps popping transaction errors and I noticed Ledger’s article references that only the CHROME extension can do this kind of stuff.

So I figure sure why not I’ll just download the Chrome Yoroi extension and sync the wallet there as well…apparently not as simple as I had assumed and I’m wondering why?

Downloaded chrome extension - selected Connect to Hardware Wallet - Selected Cardano - Selected Ledger Nano X.

Opened Ledger Nano X, input passcode to access - opened ADA app - ADA app sits there “waiting for commands” - I click CONNECT on the Yoroi Chrome popup and it does its thing.

Ledger Nano asks me to authorise export of public key. I double click for yes…then nothing happens and it just sits there. Tried multiple times and the outcome is the same.

The only other alternative (which seems completely the wrong alternative) is to select “Restore wallet” which prompts me for the 24 seed phrase and asks me to select a new Spending/Pay Code. This option seems absolutely not the right one so I’m pretty sure I’ve already done things as I should have. Doesn’t work.


Dont understand why Cardano can’t easily sync the same wallet on Chrome extension and on iOS.

Yes this sounds like a bug.

Did you already try to connect it via Adalite.io and used the WebUSB function?


I’ve not done that so far. I’ve only used Yoroi on iOS and then when I tried staking (keeping in mind Ledger setup the wallet on Yoroi) it kept dropping transaction errors.

It was at that time I thought ok I’ll install the Chrome extension (as written in the OP) but the Chrome Extension basically times out and just sits there constantly circling (thinking).

Have not tried Adalite.io as that would be a seperate wallet? Sorry I’m a little unclear if me having ADA on ledger is totally interchangeable with any wallet I like or not.

Tools like Adalite, Daedalus or Yoroi are just like interfaces to manage your private keys, which are stored on your Ledger device.

So yeah you can use all of them alternating if you want.

Thanks. Yes Adalite seemed to work fine. Yoroi absolutely does not at this point.

Not sure whats the problem here with Yoroi…

Would be nice if you report the bug to the dev team so they can fix it : Yoroi - Light Wallet for Cardano