Sync Yoroi Mobile Wallet with Browser Wallet

Hi all,

Currently I’m holding all my ADA stored in a Yoroi browser extension wallet. Of course secured by a Ledger Nano X. Downloaded the Yoroi IOS app yesterday which now can connect to the Ledger Nano X via bluetooth.

So I want to access my funds both via the app and browser, questions:

  • Will my desktop and IOS wallet synchronize automatically?
  • To create a wallet do I choose “restore wallet” or “connect to Ledger Nano”?
  • When creating a wallet on the app will I be able to access my funds from both the app and browser extension?

Thanks!! I’m a bit anxious loosing my funds. Better safe than…

Best, Wouter

Hello Wouter and welcome

  1. Yes, they will sync automatically.

  2. Connect to ledger nano

  3. Yes you can access your funds from both.

I understand your worry, don’t worry.

Your ada is on the cardano blockchain, the private keys are protected by the ledger and you are using Yoroi as the interface to view your funds.


Welcome @Wouter to the community, great to see you here.

Thanks for your prompt response.

It took a second to setup and sync the wallet using the Ledger.


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Thanks for the warm welcome. Really nice to see how active the community is.

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Yoroi doesn’t really “sync.” The information you see in Yoroi is from the distributed ledger. Think of it as reading your gmail from two different devices. Not much is really stored on your local device.

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