Setup second Yoroi wallet for spouse, same balances showing up in both wallets. Ledger Nano X

I setup a Yoroi wallet with my new Ledger Nano X. I transferred my ADA from my exchange to my wallet. So I thought I would transfer my wife’s ADA to a second wallet, also using Yoroi and the same Ledger Nano X. I went through the new wallet setup in Yoroi (chrome) and it immediately shows my balance in her wallet. My wallet also shows my balance. The same transaction history also shows in both wallets.

Did I set this up wrong? Why do both wallets appear identical? Thx.

U paired the ledger X with yoroi so basically u didn’t created 2 different wallets… u sent the money to the same ledger wallet

If u will want multiple wallet u will need to set a passphrase (be carefully to backup !!!)

Thx. So a passphrase in Yoroi? The goal is to have two wallets on one Ledger Nano X, both containing ADA. I’m not seeing any reference to a passphrase in Yoroi.

nope, a passphrase on ledger…

Hi. I am a newbie still, so sorry for this question. Can setting two wallets on one ledger in Yoroi cause any problems?

Nope, u will see 2 wallets inside yoroi

Wow you responded very quickly. Thanks! Is it possible to have three wallets on one ledger?

Yes, it is possible but u will need to use passphrases… each wallet will have a different passphrase… but u must bkp all 3 passphrases… and first time please test it…

Create 3 wallets then send 3-4 ADA to each one… then try to restore each wallet and also try to send ADA between the wallets… if everything is fine after tests then u can move all funds

I hope all is well. So, I just learned that when you restore a wallet on a device or computer your private key is encrypted on the device or computer on which you restored the wallet. What about the Ledger’s private key? Is that also stored on the device that the Ledger is connected to? Also, let’s say one wasn’t careful and added what they thought was the actual Yoroi wallet extension and it turned out that it was a fake extension. After connecting the Ledger to the fake Yoroi extension can the bad actors behind the fake extension extract or obtain the private key from the Ledger some how?

as long u will not sign the transactions with ledger u will be safe… ledger will export only the public key not the private one


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Ledger is designed to let the private key never leave the USB device.

If you connect to a new wallet app, it asks for public keys that the new app needs to view your transactions, balance, … But every transaction is signed on the Ledger. The app cannot ask for the private key, but can just ask the Ledger to sign “Send this amount to this address.” and the Ledger will show it to you before signing.

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Just saw this question. I know it is old, but anyway:

I have a Ledger and would personally not use more than two wallets on the Ledger (at least for a Nano S, don’t know how much more comfortable a Nano X is).

You can use passphrases to get additional wallets, but they have to be given on the device, which is very cumbersome.

One passphrase can be bound to a second PIN, which is nice. First PIN – without passphrase – day-to-day wallet. Second PIN – with passphrase – savings wallet. But more than that is not really comfortable.

An alternative to additional wallets is the account functionality of, and For one secret – hardware wallet or seed phrase – several accounts can be created with separate balances and delegated to different stake pools. Drawback is that Yoroi and Daedalus have not implemented that and will only ever show you account 0 of this.

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