Creation of same Yoroi wallet multiple times using Ledger Nano X? Problems?

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I was trying to set up multiple Yoroi wallets using my Ledger Nano x (not successfully). Upon, setting up the second wallet, I have have realised that it had the same Checksum as the first one that I had created. Does this mean they are both the same wallet?

Then, I deleted the extension of my browser to try to restore the supposed two different wallets again. To my surprise, I was just able to restore 1 wallet that presented the same Checksum as the other 2 that I had previously created. Does this mean that all the wallets I have created are clones of the same one? If I put some Ada into the wallet, will the balance be the same in the others? Have I messed up my Ledger Nano ?

I have read that is also possible to create different yoroi wallets in the same ledger, however… the steps seem to be a bit difficult for me. Thus, I was wondering if it is possible to have 1 adalite and 1yoroi wallet in the same ledger at the same time without such complication. Thank you for your time and I hope you have a great day.


you must use different passphrase or PINs for different wallets but be careful bkp all PINs and passphrase otherwise you will not be able to restore the wallets

Thanks for your answer, I have read a bit about that possibility afterwards. However… since I am a newbie I think i will wait to do so. Do you think I have messed up my ledger creating those accounts or you think i will have no problem since they are the same account?

By the way, do you know if it is possible have a yoroi and an adelite in the same ledger?

Thanks again :slight_smile:

what exactly you want to do… to split the wallet for delegating to more pools? because you can do this on (it supports more accounts for one single wallet)

PS: ADA are stored always on blockchain… in your case secured by ledger (private keys)/// yoroi, adalite, daedalus is just an app to allow you to access them… because yet the ledger doesn’t support the cardano on ledger live (but I heard soon it will)… so it doesn’t matter which app will use… you can connect the ledger with daedalus, yoroi, adalite, or many other wallets…

Thank you again for your reply, I really appreciate it :slight_smile:

So… as far I understand, my ADA coins will never leave the blockchain. Instead, the private keys of my ledger somehow tag the coins that I have so I can access to them whenever I use my private keys (ledger). Since the private keys of my ledger do not change, all the ADA wallets I open with it will have the same amount of ADA since all of the wallets will be set using my ledger private keys.

Does this mean that If I set an Adelite and a Yoroi wallet using the same ledger the funds will be the same in both wallets? Have I understood the story well?

Thanks again!

yes, because the wallet is inside of ledger (that’s why you installed cardano app)

PS: if you will use PINs or passphrases then a new set of private keys will be generated for each new wallet (based on ledger 24 seedwords + PIN/passphrase)

ohh! so if i open different wallets (yoroi, adelite)using the same private keys of the ledger, these wallets will show the same amount of funds.

However, from your words, I see it is also possible to create two different wallets that show different funds within the same ledger by creating a new passphrase / PIN. Is this process complicated /risky? have you done it before? If troublesome I may go for Adelite but… i have heard that Yoroi is the official wallet of cardano. In what way is it better than Adalite?

If u want to test , do it with 5 ADA or less… set as many wallets u want but bkp the passphrase… then try to restore them…

Yoroi is the official wallet released by EMURGO but there are already other wallets build by community members available… but of course u should stay away from SCAM

thanks :slight_smile: I gotta learn how to create new passphrases to open new accounts. I think in Adalite I dont need to use a passphrase if i create it using my ledger. I may try that option. Have you heard of any issues with Adalite?

You don’t understand … the passphrase/PIN wil l be set from ledger settings not from yoroi or

Thanks , you are talking about creating additional PIN and passphrases on the ledger right? so I can log in into the new created ledger wallet to later on open another wallet :slight_smile: Thanks, I think i have got it now :slight_smile:

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is this what you mean?

if you will use passphrases then each passphrase will generate a new set of private keys… for example

  • wallet1 with passphrase 1 - will have private keys generated from seedwords + passphrase1
    -wallet2 with passphrase 2 - will have private keys generated from seedwords + passphrase2

that’s why when people are trying to recover a wallet with a wrong passphrase they are restoring a new empty wallet

anyway… test it before… with few ADA… bkp all passwords…then try to restore the wallets on adalite or yoroi