Can I use two Nano X with the same seeds to operate one single Yoroi wallet for Ada for staking?

I tried to use another Nano X with the same seeds to operate the Yoroi wallet but can’t. I worry that if I loss the single Nano X that can connect to the Yoroi wallet, I will lose everything. Is that correct?


If you use same seed on two ledger devices, you would unlock the same account.
Double check if you’re 100% sure that you’re using same seed in your current ledger device - if it unlocks a new wallet, unless you used passphrase feature of ledger , you may potentially have written down wrong seed on your existing device ( do not reset it if so ).


If u are trying to use both ledger with yoroi chrome for example, it will not work because yoroi already has the public keys from first ledger device (the 2nd device will not be recognize)… for 2nd ledger u should use mozzila firefox or just to check if ur ada are there