Yoroi Wallet and Ledger Clone


I created a Yoroi wallet using a Ledger Nano S. I have cloned said Ledger onto a Nano X. On other chains, I can use both ledgers interchangeably. I tried to approve transactions on my Yoroi wallet using my Nano X (the clone) and it could not go through. The error message reads something along the line of “device xyz expected but device abc was detected instead”.

Would like to check if this is a known issue and if there are any workarounds. Also, does that mean that any clones must be of the same model or do clones even work at all?

Thanks in advance!

Its not an issue, its the design.

You cant use the same wallet on Yoroi with 2 different hardware wallets.

You would have to create a new wallet and then connect it with your Ledger X, even if both of your hardware wallets have the same seedphrase.


Thanks for the prompt response. Does that mean when my current ledger dies, I would have no means to retrieve my funds? If so, what’s the recommended way to back up?

No thats not correct.

When you use your seedphrase on a new device, you would have access to your funds, but you would have to connect your hardware device to a new wallet where you would have access to your funds.

Does it makes sense? :stuck_out_tongue:

Unfortunately I’m kind of confused here because my current ledgers have the same seedphrase.

You have 2 different Ledgers with the same seedphrase.

To be able to use both (with the same seedphrase) you have to connect each of it to a different wallet in Yoroi. Both wallets will show you and grant access to the same funds but as said you have to connect each hardware wallet to his own wallet in Yoroi.

OK am I right to say that the different Yoroi wallets act like different debit cards that are linked to the same bank account?

I tried creating a new Yoroi wallet using my nano X, the resulting wallet has the same identifier as the wallet created using nano S though.

Yeah i think you say it like that.

Thanks for the clarification. Quick follow up if I may, since my Yoroi wallet on nano X has the same identifier, does that mean when I delegate to a certain pool, the entire amount from the ‘bank’ account gets delegated even though it’s a ‘different’ Yoroi wallet?

How can I then split my ADA holdings into different ledger generated accounts/wallets such that I can stake in different pools? Do I have to get more ledgers?

No but you would have to use different seedphrases. You could create different seedphrases with your Ledger and then you could delegate to different pools.

But this would mean that you would have to restore your keys everytime you want to change the delegation or make a transaction from a different wallet.