Restore Ledger device because I upgraded from nano S to nano X

Hi, FYI, I am using YOROI CHROME EXTENSION with my existing Ledger Nano S device, now, I am planning to upgrade my device to Nano X.

As I am aware, I have to restore my 24 seed phrase of my existing ledger nano S to the new Nano X device in order to connect the new device to all my existing wallet.

As for bitcoin, ethereum, xrp, wallets, it is very straight forward. However, since YOROI is in chrome extension, do I have to remove my Yoroi chrome extension wallet and reinstall again, or, I don’t have to do anything with my Yoroi wallet in chrome extension?

In other word, I just have to restore my ledger wallet with my existing seed phrase, and connect to yoroi wallet as usual.

Thanks alot

Restore your wallets on your Ledger Nano X with your seed → add a new wallet on Yoroi → choose “connect to hardware wallet”

Thats all you have to do :slight_smile:


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you will need to uninstall and reinstall the chrome extension (if not yoroi will expect the keys from the old ledger device)


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Hi Zyroxa, thanks so much for the advise.

Do you mean I have to add a new wallet in my existing YOROI CHROME, then, transfer all my ADA to this new wallet?

Oh I see. Uninstall my existing YOROI CHROME, and, reinstall it. Then just connect to my newly restored nano X… is it?

yes. it will work

In my opinion all you have to do is to set the old seed into the new ledger. Yoroi should work with the old wallet as before without any changes.