Ledger Hard Wallet and Private Key with YOROI

Hello Guys,

Today I’ve received my Ledger Nano X device. I am configuring it, with YOROI choosing the Ledger Hard wallet option, and everything seems to be OK so far.

My Question is, if someone steals from me, or I lose the device, how can i restore my FUNDS on Yoroi? since all the configuration at the first time picking “hard wallet option” is automatic, connecting with cable the device etc…, there is no 24 phrase…

The idea was to get the device and a secure wallet, but be able to access with phrase and my hard device as well.

So, what can i do, then?

Thanks in advance,

You got a 24 seedphrase when you set up your Ledger device. In case you lose your device, the only thing you need is a new Ledger device where you can restore all your wallets and then simply reconnect it to any of the wallets which supports Ledger (Yoroi, Adalite, Daedalus etc.).

There is also an option to restore your wallets via Ledger seedphrase with a software wallet but you always have to check which of those is supporting Ledger seedphrases.


So the only thing i can do is buy another ledger AND use my 24 phrase configured previously? Do you know the software u mentioned?

Here you go :