Yoroi-Hardware Wallet Question

guys the following question popped into my mind, my tokens are on ledger hardware wallet via Yoroi , my question is what if Yoroi wallet disappears, how will our tokens be accessible after that?I know the Ledger Wallet is only the key to the blockchain, but what if something happens with Yoroi?

Your token arent stored on Yoroi nor on your Ledger device. The only thing stored on your hardware wallet is your keypair which you need to access your wallet.

This means what ever happens to Yoroi or any other software, as long as you have your seedphrase (which generates your keypair), you will always be able to access your funds via any software which supports the Cardano network.

For example you could simply connect your Ledger (which holds your keys) with any other wallet software like Typhon, Eternl, Adalite, NuFi, Nami or what ever, and you would have access to your funds right now.

Thank you very much, seedphrase is that 24 words right?Even if my PC is affected from some software, if I haven’t connect the wallet it won’t be in a danger?


24 words is just to restore the ledger HW wallet (in case of damage)
If u want to restore the cardano wallet only use the option restore wallet → “connect to ledger” from cardano wallets


Thank you, but what is that seedphrase then?Thanks!

The 24 words is your seedphrase yes.

Thank you!

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But never type that 24 word seed phrase in another wallet, only on the HW itself!!
Always use ‘connect to HW’ or alike like @Alexd1985 said.
The option to type in 24 words in the wallet itself is for none HW wallets.


Hi guys, do you know the reason why there’s sometimes some empty periods during which I do not receive any cardano?Thanks in advance!

It depends on which pool you delegated your ADA. If the pool doesnt create any blocks during an epoch, you wont get any rewards.

Thank you, but what could be the reason that pool does not generate blocks?

Bad luck. The more stake a pool has, the higher the chance that the pool gets assigned a block.

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