Yoroi wallet set to in activ?

I need urgent help my yoroi wallet was simply set to inactive, I can not make transactions as well as cnft.io shows me the amount of 00 ada although I have 806 ada on the wallet that’s all I own I need urgent help please :pensive:

I think your best option is to get a hardware wallet which can restore your yoroi wallet using the same seed phrase.

??? What do you mean?

If you buy a ledger, nano x is the better, then you get the option to restore a wallet using your seed phrase. It’s a standard. You could do the same with a daedalus wallet but hardware wallets are inherently safer. There could be malware that snoops on your seed phrase if you use a software wallet.

However, if you can make your wallet work but decide to get a hardware wallet anyway then you should setup a new wallet and transfer your coins from yoroi to ledger. That’s because your seed phrase could be on your computer in a way that you don’t understand.

First: The problem here seems to be (I don’t fully understand except for the urgency up to now) that he doesn’t have access. A hardware wallet wouldn’t help there at all.

Second: A hardware wallet is always a good idea, but also a bit of a hefty investment, when the total ADA are only about 16 hardware wallets (if you take Ledger) or about one and a half hardware wallets (if you take Trezor).

Third: I still don’t understand, what the “using the same seed phrase” part should say. In the second message you seem to say that it’s not a good idea to reuse the seed phrase of a software wallet for a hardware wallet. Yes! Never do it! Let the hardware wallet randomly generate a seed phrase and let that seed phrase never get into an Internet-connected computer, not as text file, not as photo, never!

But: Even if you would reuse a software wallet seed phrase in a hardware wallet, you would not get access to the same wallet. They use different methods for deriving the master secret from the seed phrase. That’s also, why you cannot simply put a Ledger seed phrase into Daedalus/Yoroi/Adalite/ccvault and get access to your funds. They are not compatible, although they both use BIP-32 mnemonic seed phrases.

But but: This is not a security feature! The process with which Ledger and Trezor derive the keys from the seed phrase is known. One could easily write a software wallet app that could import a hardware wallet by its seed phrase without owning the hardware itself. It would, of course, not be hardware wallet secure anymore.

As far as I can understand, he cant’t make the wallet ”work” for some reason but he should have the recovery phrase.

A hardware wallet should work if he uses the same seed phrase for the current wallet when he sets up the hardware wallet.

It may be a bit of a hefty investment but it sure beats losing your assets. I suspect that @Josh91 hasn’t fully understood how the wallet works and hasn’t done due diligence yet.

And yes, you should not reuse the seed phrase for a software wallet in a hardware wallet except maybe for this scenario when the wallet doesn’t seem to work. If he can make it work then setup the hardware wallet as a new device and transfer the assets to the hardware wallet.

Are you absolutely sure that the seed phrase from a yoroi, restored to a hardware wallet, would not give access to the same address? Can you point me to some url where it says so?

Although I would recommend against doing so, I think you should because of the standard. I distinctly remember a reputable youtube channel that mentioned this. They didn’t recommend it but also mentioned that’s how standards work.

Yes, I am absolutely sure. The different master key generation processes are described here: CIPs/README.md at master · cardano-foundation/CIPs · GitHub

Even if a hardware wallet would work (which it does not), it’s far easier to debug the problem by trying to restore in Yoroi, Adalite, ccvault than to first order a hardware wallet, then put the seed phrase in there and then have to debug how to connect this hardware wallet to Yoroi, Adalite, ccvault. You are just adding cost and complication here.

Hello @Josh91

The section of cardanoscan you clipped just shows Controlled Stake Key. It’s inactive because you are not delegating to any pool. If you scroll up it will show your balance (although it may show balance only for that address).

This is info from the blockchain and it’s has nothing to do with using Yoroi. I checked my Yoroi as well and for some reason it’s not updating today. I guess it has issues.

I don’t remember there being section in cnft_io that show your balance. However you can check on pool.pm. Just enter your address and it will show your balance and CNFTs.

I recommend you restore this wallet into another wallet like AdaLite if you need just quick access to your funds right away. Otherwise look into getting additional wallet for back up. I use Nami for light wallets, but it works only on PC. No mobile. I heard that ccvault is good as well.

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This is because your wallet is not delegated :handshake: