Trying to restore my yoroi wallet with ledger

I am trying to restore my wallet with the 24 phrase seed of the ledger nano S, the problem is that when I put my the words the checksum that appears does not match with the one I have in my wallet is that normal?

I am doing this cause every time I try to do a transaction, sending ADA or trying to stake it when I press the button Send ADA using ledger, the window that usually pops up with the instructions to follow gets closed immediatedly. And i don’t know what to do with it. I am using a Mac i dont know if it has something to do with it, also i have yoroi on mozzilla as I tried it with chrome but i was not able to connect my ledger nano with YOROI through chrome.

I am very worried anybody knows ho to solve this issue?


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Do not try to introduce the 24 words from your Ledger Nano S in Yoroi or other wallet, it will not work.
Did you try to use the Ledger with I prefer this wallet, I am doing most of my transactions there.

You are putting in the seed phrase for the Ledger in Yoroi directly? That cannot work at all.

The seed phrase should only be used when restoring or replacing a Ledger and only be input on Ledger hardware, never directly into a computer. (In fact, giving the seed phrase to a computer totally nullifies all the advantages of a hardware wallet.)

If it worked before, maybe something broke in the latest Yoroi update and will eventually be repaired. Normally, Yoroi on Chrome has the reputation of being more stable than Yoroi on Firefox.

Until then, you can try to use Daedalus (only try if you have loads of time), or one of the other wallet apps. They can all pair with the Ledger and as long as you never give them the seed phrase should be safe to use, since they never get secrets out of the Ledger, but can only ask it to sign.

If none of the wallet applications work, it might very well be a problem with the USB connection. Have you tried another USB port. You have unlocked the Ledger and opened the Cardano App on it? And it is not blocked by Ledger Live or another application?

The thing is that when I opened the wallet with my yoroi i did not receive any new seed words, so in case i want to restore this wallet with which words should I do it if the ones from the ledger are not the ones I have to use? Thanks!

Yoroi does not ask you for a seed phrase if you choose “connect to hardware wallet”.

Thanks!! I was trying to put just the words!!!

24 Phase Seed of Ledger is only Used on ledger Nano S / Nano X

Do not use those phase on others wallet such as Yoroi, Daedalus, Nami, Etc

They will have a button to connect Ledger.
And ledger will export their private key to the Yoroi / Daedalus / Nami.