Restore Yoroi From Ledger Nano Failed

Hey All,

Today I tried restoring my Yoroi wallet from a Ledger Nano X and it totally failed (Freshly restored Nano S, and fresh Yoroi on Chrome on Win).

I followed the steps to restore a Shelley wallet and after getting the pop-up from to select my device, I confirmed the export of the public keys from the Ledger (1 key).

Once I confirm the export, the new tab closes and the process crashes (no prompt only the connect screen) -

I’ve read through these posts -

And I’m not sure if others are experiencing this bug as well? (looks like it might be mentioned here).
Anybody know where I could get further support? Is this a known bug?

Appreciate any help here :fireworks:

PS - When trying to restore the same device on everything works fine.
PPS - Restoring a Byron wallet on Yoroi also works.

I don’t know if it’s a bug, can be a windows well-known issue

Try with brave browser

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Why am I get the following message when trying to send ADA or trying to stake ADA? “Error received from server while sending transaction” After searching this error message on Google, I discovered that many others are having the same problems using a Ledger- Nano-s hardware wallets with Yoroi on Chrome. What is the fix to these problems? I restored a wallet using the Ledger and received a different wallet address with a Zero (0.00) balance of ADA.

Did u changed the trezor hw wallet?
If yes, uninstall yoroi ; install it again and pair again the ledger (it has the keys stored from the old ledger

PS: try also to connect the ledger on

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