Restoring Yoroi Wallet with Ledger Recovery Phrase

Hello everyone,

Because of travel restrictions I don’t have access to my Ledger Nano S and I wonder if I can restore my Yoroi Wallet with the Ledger Recovery Phrase without using a new Ledger.

With the BIP39 Tool I could derive the private keys for most coins, but it seems that for ADA it is not possible. Does anyone know if there is an answer?


Theoretically possible? Yes. In a user-friendly interface? No, unfortunately not. This is because Cardano has a custom way of deriving the root private key from a recovery phrase but Ledger instead uses the standard that other cryptocurrencies follow (that’s why you can’t just type the recovery phrase into Daedalus and have it magically work).

You can see the code required to extract a Ledger private key here: (pls don’t actually enter your recovery phrase into a website though). However, even with the root key, you will have to write a custom script to use it (no handy tools for importing a wallet from a private key as far as I know)

You can learn more about deriving the root key from a recovery phrase in CIP3: