Yoroi Wallet transaction - Wrong Device (Ledger Nano S + X)

Hi there.
I used Yoroi wallet with Ledger Nano S. Works perfectly.

I bought later a Ledger Nano X. With the seed from Nano S as a backup. With Ledger Live App, I can interact well with both.

But if I want to send ADA from Yoroi, the wallet will only accept my Nano S. But not working with my Nano X. (even whet i m changing device from Nano S to Nano X in Yoroi during the transaction).
There is no way to do a transaction it with my Nano X.
An error message showing “i m using wrong device”.

Do any of you guys have a tip for me?
Thanks in advance.

Of course, all software and firmware are up to date.


Your old keys are stored in chrome, unistall/reinstall yoroi extension and it will work


Wow. That Worked.

Thak you soo much :kissing_heart:

*** Solved

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