After Google Chrome extension update, unable to restore Yoroi Wallet on PC


I did a google chrome extension update on my PC last night and it seems I have lost my Yoroi Wallet setup which contained my ADA tokens (it was linked to my Ledger Nano X).

I still can see my Yoroi Wallet on my Samsung Note 10 via the Yoroi App.

I tried to restore the wallet on my PC using my 24 recovery phrase. But it recovered an empty wallet instead. Just prior to performing the restore (after entering my Wallet Name and 24 word phrase) it said to make sure my Shelley Acct Checksum is correct. Here is the thing, when I check on my Shelley Acct Checksum on my mobile app, it is different to the one I am trying to restore on my PC (I presume it has to be the same?).

So I then removed the Yoroi Chrome extension in my PC browser and re-downloaded the extension again. This time I tried the option to connect to my hardware wallet and when I pressed the “Connect” button to connect to my Ledger Nano X, I got the error “Something unexpected happened”.

Not sure what to do next? Is anybody getting this error after a Chrome update?


You dont have to restore your wallet with the seedphrase if you are using a hardware wallet.

Simply add a new wallet on Yoroi and then connect it to the Ledger.

Sigh sorry … I got it to worked just after I added the post

yeah i connected to hardware wallet (but I closed off the Ledger Live app on my PC) and it seemed to have worked.

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