Ledger nano x & Yoroi wallet

Hi, I’ve recently purchased a ledger nano x and I am trying to connect it via the yoroi chrome extension on my PC but it doesn’t seem to want to connect. I’m using windows 8 could this be the issue? Thanks for any help

The browser extension does not support bluetooth, if that’s what you’re trying? Connect it to your pc by a cable, then connect to hard wallet via the yoroi wallet.

The Yoroi mobile will support bluetooth hardware wallets (nano X) in the extremely near future, as it is ready and does work great with the nightly app. EMURGO are just testing the cable feature with the app, then they will release both. Hopefully soon, but I can’t give dates unfortunately.

Hi, Thanks for the reply. I’m connecting my ledger nano x through my pc on the yoroi extension via the usb cable. It then says “ use your security key” on my PC. I then enter my pin and click on the app on the ledger then it just keeps saying “ waiting for command” on my ledger then after a minute I get a message on my PC saying that it has timed out.

Have the ledger unlocked and on the app prior to accessing your hardware wallet via yoroi

Yes did this and still having the same issue. I’ve updated my computer. Uninstalled and reinstalled the chrome extension and still getting the following errors. image image image

i guess those pictures are to small to see anything.

Sorry are these better

It looks like yoroi can’t see your ledger. Double check the connections and that your computer isn’t somehow blocking the usb connection.

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Yeah I had a quick look and found there was a missing driver. I’m going to restore my computer as I never use it anyway to see if this helps

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So after restoring my computer I managed to update the driver and all is working fine with this now. But unfortunately I’m still having the same the issues as before. I’ve contacted Yoroi support also and will try it on a friends Mac. I’ll update when I find a resolution

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So after messing around again with the drivers I did another update on them and just like that it started working. So all good! Not sure if anyone has been having issues with this it’s most probably my old PC ha ha, but it if you are then just check the drivers and update and all should be good. Hopefully not long for the yoroi app compatibility with the ledger nano x. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction Luke and look forward to staking on the Shelley MainNet soon :+1:t3:

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No worries Alex, glad it’s solved :blush:

Yeah support on mobile wont be long - I think within a week :crossed_fingers:

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Brilliant looking forward to it :smiley::+1:t3: