Ledger nano X

Hello friends,
I have a question,
i have nano X. i download yoroi wallet for chrome extensen.
I try to connect the nano x. but i can,t do it.every time failer.
i have windows 10.
how can I solv this proplemm.
pls help me.
Thank you.

Hi Seelan,

Thank you for reaching out. Are you trying to use Bluetooth or the cable? Yoroi wallet isn’t compatible with bluetooth at the moment.

Do you have the Cardano app installed on your Ledger device and opened while attempting to access the Yoroi wallet.

There are definitely tech experts who will be able to help if it still doesn’t work

Many Thanks,


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Hi Lgbeano,
I am try to the Cable,

YES.I alredy Installen on my Nano device and opened.
Thank you

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