Unable to connect Win10 Yoroi Shelly to Ledger Nano X

Running Win10 with Yoroi Shelly and Ledger Nano X.
I have not had any previous wallets backed up by any Ledger. This all new Nano X with Yoroi Shelly.
I am unable to successfully connect Yoroi Shelly to Ledger Nano X. All software, applications, extensions and wallets are fully updated, upgraded and everything else needed. I am connected to Ledger Nano X via usb cable and the Cardano application is open and “waiting for command” on my Ledger Nano X.
When I try to “connect”, it attempts to connect to emurgo.github.io, but fails.
I get an error message, “Network error. Please check your internet connection.”
My network is fine. If my network wasn’t working, I wouldn’t be able to make this post.
What is the problem?

Hi rvpevprvp,

Just to confirm 1.6.1. for Ledger S firmware, or as you have ledger X then 1.2.4-4 is the latest firmware version and 2.0.4 Cardano app

Also make sure you use Chrome, other browsers like Firefox and Brave can have issues. Even though brave is part of Chrome, try Chrome.

If as you say your firmware is up to date, everything seems fine, it might be worth contacting Yoroi support via yoroi.

Another thing you can try beforehand is trying to access your hardware wallet via adalite.io if you can’t connect to that either, then it’s something to do with your computer and/or ledger device. - process of illumination for you.

Good luck, keep us updated around what works etc.

Thank you!, I wont be able to address this 'til Sunday. btw, I’m running Yoroi with Opera, so now I do have a couple things to try . . .

hi there
do you have any update? I have exactly the same issue and it could be something related to webUsb… Allow WebUSB on these sites


I am still unable to connect yoroi to my ledger nano x. It fails and I get some network error message when I try to create a new Ledger supported Shelly wallet.
I believe it is because I am using Opera as my Browser.

If you are using Chrome and are having a similar issue then you might be able to start a new profile; check out the support page. It says this is required if you were already using Yoroi.

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you can move the popup away (without pressing anything) and continue.
If not working u have the possibility to connect ur ledger via daedalus or adalite.io


I have the exact same problem. When I checked, I found the driver needs updating but when I try to update, there is no driver to update. win 10 cant find any usb driver updates for Nano X.

Are u using chrome right?

Then, u can use adalite.io - HW wallet - connect with WebUSB to access ur ledger wallet and to perform transactions


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thank you. I will check this out. I use Brave which I think is same as chrome.

I got it to work by checking for any optional updates on win 10 and there were 2. I updated OS and restarted. When I tried, it found ledger X on the Yoroi wallet. thanks again.


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Had the same problem on Windows 10 and on Linux Ubuntu. I resolved it by downloading the latest version of ledger live, updating the firmware and also removing and adding the cardano/ada app on the ledger device.

You can find instructions on installing ledger live from the ledger site, see below link

Hope this helps out