Yoroi not connecting to Ledger Nano X (Brave Browser / Ubuntu)

As the title says I’m trying to pair (or connect) a configured Ledger Nano X device from Yoroi (Brave Browser / Ubuntu). But as soon as I’m selecting the device and trying to connect I’m getting the following message:

“Something unexpected happened. Please retry.”

To me it looks like Yoroi doesn’t have enough permissions or something similar but I have no clue.

The device is plugged in, all related components are up to date and the Cardano app is running. It even works without any problems in Daedalus on the same machine.

Did anyone find a solution to this error?

Edit: Typo

You might want to test if you are able to connect your Ledger via adalite.io.

If you cant, the problem is probably not Yoroi.

I’ve already used it and it worked…

Can u try another browser?