Yoroi not connecting to Legder Nano S

Hello. I already have Yoroi installed on Chrome extension but I’m now unable to connect to my Ledger nano s. The device is definitely connected with the Ledger cable. Cardano app is definitely open on the device. I’m getting an error message saying device isn’t connected. Any suggestions?? Thank you…

Have you tried updating firmware / cardano app on the ledger device?

Thanks for the quick reply. No I haven’t - I can see that the firmware is outdated (1.6) but there isn’t any update link for it in ledger live. There’s an update for the Cardano app but no active button by that either : /

I had to update the ledger live app first. Now all working perfectly. Thank you!

Hi! I had the same problem as I didn’t connect my Ledger for a while and I understood updating firmware was necessary. So I googled the matter and clicked the uppermost link (sponsored by Google).


I ended up on a very good looking web page and was asked to have my password phrase ready and then to provide it!!

I checked the address and instead of ledger.com I had ended up on lebger.com . It took a while for me to discover but luckily I did before entering the password phrase.

Just as a warning to my Cardano-on Ledger fellows, be careful out there.

Hi, I’m ALMOST in function, had to update the Firmware on my Ledger Nano X. I’m anyway logged-in to my Yoroi, however, I cannot see the Balance, but that seems to be a Cardano issue right now.
THANKS for the Warning