Unable to restore wallet to Chrome Extension

After I receiving my Ledger, I successfully moved all my ADA (except for my staking rewards) from my original Yoroi wallet to my new Ledger-linked wallet that I set up on my phone and on the Chrome extension. However, while my phone’s Yoroi app has both wallets correctly listed, I have not yet been able to add my original (now almost empty) Shelly-era wallet to the Chrome extension. When I go to restore it, the Yoroi Chrome extension asks for the first word of my seed phrase, offering me 5 words to choose from–none of which are my first seed phrase word (or even listed anywhere among my words). I know my 15-word seed phrase was written down correctly (I wrote it down twice in multiple places), so what am I doing wrong?

Note: I realize this is not an emergency and that I could simply kill off the original wallet once I figure out how to withdraw my remaining staking rewards (the withdraw button is greyed out at the moment), but I’d really like to figure out whether this is a bug or I’m doing something wrong since some day my ability to successfully restore a wallet might actually be the difference between losing all my funds or keeping them.

for the moment there is an issue with yoroi, the team is working to fix the issue, I think starting with the next epoch you will be able to withdraw them… just be patience

Try this, if you don’t see the word that is on your list shown among the 5 words, simply type the word on your list in the “Recovery Phrase” textbox. It should show that word and then you can pick it. Repeat the process for all 15 words in the order. Hope this helps!

This fixed it! Somehow I had missed the fact that you could type in words rather than just have to pick from the ones in the list. Thank you ADAMOONPOOL.

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Glad that worked! :slightly_smiling_face:

Doesn’t work for me.

When I tried to view my balance in the Chrome Yoroi extension, it crashed. So I tried restoring it to Chrome on a different computer, where it found the wallet, but then also immediately crashed as soon as it tried to figure out my balance.

So I tried Firefox. Same shit.

When I try to restore my wallet to either Chrome or Firefox, Yoroi crashes.

What a POS wallet. I have mined over $10K of ERGO into mine. It’s causing me a bit of anxiety. I only started mining into it because I saw the announcement that I’d be able to use it in Ledger Live. That announcement was months ago…and no Ledger Live. And now I find out that the browser extension actually doesn’t work?

I have a Mac. Maybe it only doesn’t work on Mac? Has anyone else experienced this?

What in the actual fuck. It does the same thing in chrome for Windows. Did I mine into a block hole for three months?

Maybe it’s a temporary issue with Yoroi’s services. No need to trash it…

You can download Daedalus and import the wallet there as well.