Yoroi account linked to a single ledger device

Hi guys, I have two ledger X devices, one at home the other at the office. Both have the same seed so they should interact equally with Yoroi.
Actuall they dont. Only the ledger used to create the account can validate transactions as Yoroi doesn’t recognize the material signature of the other.
The fact is, if I have 2 ledger, its because want to be able to make transactions on my Yoroi account even if I loose one of my device.
Any solution for this problem?

Hi @GuiMD,

You need to restore your original wallet that holds your funds on your backup/secondary ledger device.

To restore your wallet to the secondary ledger you need your recovery phrase. Below you will find the step by step instructions:

Restore from recovery phrase – Ledger Support

Both wallets have the same seed. Yoroi makes a physical check before the transaction and doesn’t recognize the device itself… that’s the problem

And both wallets are same model Ledger X. Same balance for both on Metamask, same Cardano app from ledger live…

Try the adalite.io wallet and see if that works. connect your ledger and see if all works as expected. including sending transactions.

I think you can do the same with yoroi, but every wallet created on yoroi is specifically connected to a specific ledger device. So to use both devices on the same computer and same browser, you need to create 2 wallets if you want to use both on the same computer.


Go here and add a second wallet (select “connect to hardware wallet”) and use your backup ledger for that one. I think this will work for your purpose

Yes but each ledger has a different publick key and yoroi only save the last, so if u wish to use both ledger same time u have few options:

  • create 2 different accounts in chrome and install the yoroi extension on both
  • use different browser (chrome, brave, etc)
  • use adalite.io
  • etc

Otherwise u will need to uninstall/install the yoroi chrome extension each time when u change the ledger


Ok thx for the reactivity as usual, i’ll try this :+1:

So I tried Yoroi on Firefox, I can see my balance, all good.
When I want to retrieve my rewards I have this message:
any idea?

forget it. Just tried Adalite, much better user experience and the Tx worked like a charm, thx for the tip :ok_hand:

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Hi @Alexd1985 isn’t this what I said? Can’t you just add a new wallet under the same yoroi extention? Would like to know since i never tried it.