Daedalus: 10 - 100 wallets & performance

Anyone tried running a bunch of wallets on Daedalus?

I’m considering running 10+ wallets and wondering how this will affect sync time.
Would 50 to 100 wallets be insanity?


The more wallet you are using on Daedalus, the slower it will be come.

I dont really recommand using even 10 wallets on Daedalus. Is there are reason why you want to run a full node wallet with those wallets? If not id recommand Typhon.

just that Daedalus is the wallet I like… being an IOHK wallet really gives it “security points” in my book.
… and it would be nice to be able to multi-delegate from Daedalus.

I suppose things will improve when Daedalus works with multiple threads/cores?

Id definitly using a hardware wallet and using different accounts via Typhon or any other wallet with similiar functions.

Can 1 hardware wallet such as Trezor work to have multiple “wallets” in Typhon?

I ask that because right now in Daedalus 1 HW wallet = 1 Daedalus wallet

not 100% sure if its possible with a Trezor but you can work with multiple accounts with a Ledger hardware wallet.

very interesting… thank you! will take a look

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Yes you can do multiple wallets with a Trezor.

You need to enable the password mode for your Trezor in the settings. What happens is the Trezor uses the same seed phrase but adds a password on top like adding an additional seed word. Thus each different password you use represents a different wallet.

So, you create a new password for each new account you want. When you want to spend funds from a particular account, you plug the Trezor in, and enter the password for that account when required.

very interesting. would that then be a single staking key? sounds like it would with a software overlay making it look like multiple wallets to the user… if I’m understanding correctly

No, not at all.

With the passphrase functionality (Passphrase - Trezor Wiki), the Trezor exports totally different public keys and signs with the corresponding totally different private keys. To the wallet application (Daedalus, Yoroi, adalite, …) it looks like a different device.

Beware: All passphrases are valid and lead to an arbitrary number of different wallets. So, if you forget the password(s), there is next to no possibility to reconstruct it.

very cool. ty!

This extra passphrase functionality can even protect you somewhat from a “wrench attack”.

Eg. Someone threatens you with a wrench so you reveal the wallet and additional passphrase to your small balance wallet and keep your large balance wallet secret. The attacker doesn’t know how many wallets you have. The Trezor-T also doesn’t have any stored record of any additional password wallets.

By the way, if you enter an empty passphrase then this accesses the default wallet just as if the extra passphrase functionality was not enabled (using only the Trezor seed phrase).


If you want to protect against these, it’s also a good idea to only use the large wallets with one of the Web wallet apps (adalite, ccvault, …).

If you use it with Yoroi or Daedalus, the wrench attacker could see that there is another wallet in the overview (and even see its balance).

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