Daedelus Security

Hi, I would like some help with a question I have regarding Daedelus security. I see a lot of emphasis put on ensuring that your 12 word seed phrase is never compromised so that nobody can recreate your wallet. Correct me if I am wrong but if someone has access to your computer and they guess your spending password could they not then wipe you out? If so I believe a lot more emphasis needs to be placed on password security. I am very paranoid right now as my Mac crashed and I have to send it in for service and the Daedelus icon is in the dock. Guessing one password is a lot easier than figuring out a 12 word seed phrase. Thanks to all!

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This is cryptocurrency 101, not specific to Daedalus.

See Andreas Antonopoulos’ videos on how to secure your cryptocurrency:

There will be Cardano support before EOY for two of the hardware wallet devices mentioned in the first video, Ledger and Trezor.

Password cracking is unlikely. Even if you used a crappy password, they’d need to write custom software for it. I don’t think service techs would go to such lenghts to fuck over a client. If you’re worried and have another computer available, you can restore your wallet to it using the 12 word recovery phrase and transfer funds to a new wallet.

I’d worry more about the fact that with physical access, people can easily install malware on the computer that logs keystrokes, takes screenshots or transmits your files. Only a hardware wallet would protect against that. Or a paper wallet, if you never ever restore it to the computer.


Thank you very much for responding. Great videos…cheers!

Thanks for sharing the link its really knowledgeable link.