Wallet protection

Hi good people,

I was wondering if having only my secret key and passphrase, I could delete Daedalus without losing my ADAs.
I want to wipe my computer clean and make sure it is not compromised. Before the reward era begins, there is no reason to have a wallet (I love Daedalus, do not get me wrong).

So, if I have the private keys can I restore my wallet when I need it restored? I do not want to run it on an HDD and besides, I have a macOS, I am not using windows now, so help me out with suggestions.

hi coinreal, check daedalus wallet backup.

I did this already. It did not work for me. Anyhow, I do not want a copy of the wallet, just be able to get my funds when I need to in the future. Any ideas?

well…wait for a hardware wallet support in this case :rofl:

try to ask for help in the thread and describe what’s not working for you, maybe someone will show up.

I just want my ADA out of any network.

I haven’t tested this myself (I probably should) but my assumption is that yes, you can create a new wallet anytime from any computer and restore your original one with your 12 word recovery passphrase and the name of the wallet. (if you have a significan’t amount of ada, do some research and learn from the written documentation on the website, don’t take my word for it)

Send them to a binance account for the clean out, and then pick them back to a newly installed wallet?
*read a little quickly i think. Or it’s late. anyhow…

You need only the 12 words. Let’s say, if I have your 12 words, I can recover your wallet in my PC and have full access to your funds. The password you put when creating the wallet is just for people that has access to your PC being not able to spend your funds. When you recover the wallet with the original 12 words, it will ask again for wallet name and wallet password. So, again: only the 12 words matter. Another example: if you forget your password you can just delete your wallet and recover it back with the 12 words.

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Create a paper wallet in combination with Daedalus or even better: use a hardware wallet. See the Comparison of Ada wallets and exchanges