Format my windows

Guys I need to format my windows 7 but I fear to lose my ADA and my wallet. Could anyone tell me what I need to do to guarantee my ADA will not be lost?

Thanks to all

Make sure you have your 12-word phrase, in case you need to restore your wallet. That would be the best option.

You can also read this topic on backing up your wallet: Daedalus wallet backup

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Could I restore my wallet ONLY with the wallet’s name and 12-word phrase? Nothing else is necessary to restore? This information I have safe.

I’ve read that you can restore your wallet on another computer, without affecting the existing/functioning wallet. (the wallet is just looking at the blockchain, not storing your ada on your computer) So you might want to try restoring the wallet from another computer BEFORE you format your windows machine. (I haven’t tried this yet)
Once you know the wallet is working fine on another computer, you can then go ahead with the reformatting on the original computer. This is not necessary, but would allow you to know the ‘backup’ is working before you really need it.


I did not think about that!
I’ll do this.

If you have your 12 word phrase written down, you can recreate your wallet without issue