Sync problems

My wallet wont sync. I have not deleted old wallet. Bought new computer download new wallet and am not able to restore old wallet. I saved my 12 words and user name and password. However it’s not allowing me to restore. Tells me to enter all of the 12 words and I have but it doesnt agree.
I seem to be missing something. I think support desk thinks I am trying to steal somebody’s wallet and they wont help me.

Make sure the 12 words are written correctly and in the right order…

This is another reason I think I am missing something. I wasnt aware I needed to remember so many different things. The name of the wallet. 12 words. I enter but only way they let me enter in that field is one after another all on one line.

You only need the 12 words, the name and password can be anything when restoring the wallet.
The list of words Daedalus uses is here. You could check the spelling of your words against this list to make sure they’re correct.

Do you still have access to your old wallet? Maybe you could create a new wallet on your new computer and then transfer your ADA over if you can’t restore.