Daedalus Restoration

I am trying to restore my Daedalus Shelley wallet. I’ve entered the 24 word phrase, given wallet a name, but I can’t create a password. Each time I get a message in red “an error occurred” with the comment password needs to be at least 10 characters. Every password I’ve tried to create is more that 10 characters. Please help anyone. I updated Daedalus to 4.5.2 while I was in a Byron wallet and now I can’t find the other wallet which has all my ADA. So I thought I’ll just restore it. I’m a senior so please tell step by step what to do. Also, should I just stay on this Daedalus screen or if I log out will that create a problem since I’ve already entered the 24 word phrase? Help!!!

Hi, Even though I can’t help on a technical level I wanted to give you a word of encouragement. As long as you wrote down your words correctly you can restore the wallet so don’t panic we’ll figure it out. Using your words to restore your wallet in the Yoroi wallet maybe the easiest thing for you. Definitely take a deep breath and think before you act at this point. People are more susceptible to scammers when they are panicked so if anyone asks you to divulge your words don’t do it and make sure you download stuff from legitimate sources.

Thank you. Appreciate your comment and advice. I took it to heart and it must have helped because after calming down a bit I just closed out of Daedalus knowing, as you said, it has to be there. I was confident of my recovery phrase because I had verified it on Daedalus. Much later I opened Daedalus again and the wallet was there. You’re so right; sometimes all that’s needed is a deep breath before proceeding. Thanks again.

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