Unable to restore Shelley Wallet with 24 seed words

Hi, can anyone help please. I have upgraded to the latest wallet 3.3 and it has asked me to restore my wallet. I have input the 24 words for the shelley wallet, named the wallet and input the passwords as shown in your instructions. I then get the following message: An error occured. Does you know why? Thank you

did you have previous version and you did upgrade to new version?

when i did this, i was not requested to restore wallet.

please be sure of the source of the daedalus file you have dowloaded.


Possible a bug with Daedalus Mainnet

Id recommand you to try to restore your wallet via Adalite.io or Yoroi to make sure you have the correct seed before you uninstall Daedalus Mainnet (via that guide Uninstall Daedalus – IOHK Support ).


Hi I have the dadealus wallet and I also have the 24 word seeds. Im not sure I understand what youve said. I think I might have deleted something form my pc and this was the reason it did not automatically load with balance as per previous upgardes

I did upgrade. It was also through the link on the actual wallet. the same as i have always done

So as long as I have the seed it should be okay you think?
is adalite.io a link for the daedalus wallet

I said to uninstall and delete all files and after this to install again daedalus; but before to do that u should check ur seed words… a lot of people said that they have the correct seed till they tried to restore the wallet!

what if i simply did a brand new install on a new pc - would that be okay

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Perfect! Agree!

okay. Ill try that. Thanks my friend

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Hey there. It worked - Thanks again mate. Appreciate your help

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Now u can delegate, I will appreciate if u will support me

whats your pool name. I can move some ada over to you but will have to keep some in the existing pool as ive been with the other one for some time and theyve been very kind to me

No problem, there is not a must, I thought u are new and didn’t delegated till now :slight_smile:

Cool. Still appreciate you though

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Hello folks, I really appreciate these pages. I have purchased a few ADA last year and it seem this community is awesome. It grew since then but I think I dont sell and will stay in touch here.

Wellcome aboard!

Great, you will regret if you will sell now :wink:
Don’t forget to delegate your ADA for rewards


Yes. I have small rewards from stake pool in my hw wallet that is supported. At start it wasnt high but these last months it shows nice results considering I dont have much ADA.