Token not arrived on Daedalus Mainnet and wallet is gone


I’m a newbie on the blockchain.

  1. I sent ADA token from Binance to my new Daedalus (version 4.2.1) wallet received address. The transaction was completed on Binance — I’ve checked with the Txid on the and the transaction is well registered and the shared address of the Daedalus wallet is the good one.

Nothing in my Daedalus transaction history… and then something happent:

  1. No more wallet. I have entered the recovery phrase and tried to add the name of the wallet (that was ok, step 2), but at step 3 for adding the password, it says an error occurred.

Thanks for you kind support.


I used Mac OS 11.2.3 Big Sur

try the seed words on and see if the balance is right, if it’s right then you can unistall/reinstall daedalus

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That’s great! I can see my ADA :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: and breath again… !!! Thanks so very much. However, I’m a bit worried now regarding Daedalus… especially with sync–which is no longer working.
Can I use the same seed words for Yoroi? I would like to use my ADA for MELD ISPO.

yes, you can restore the daedalus in yoroi

open yoroi - add wallet (shelley era) - restore

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Wonderful! Once again thank you. One last question for a newbie: once I wrote my seed words and paiement password, Yoroi asked me to check my Shelley checksum XXXX-XXXX. But I don’t have this information. However, I’ve checked the wallet Shelley address, it’s the good one. Any idea where I can find the Shelley account? Or I can just valid without checking this information?

Additional information: in fact, I wasn’t asked by Yoroi to select Shelley or Byron. The only choices are to restore a wallet or create a new one. Thus, I’ve chosen the restored wallet > Cardano > Seed words > Last window: verify the Shelley checksum.

and it worked?

I’m still checking where I can find the checksum Shelley–thus, I have no wallet yet since I cannot check all the requested information, a bit worried to make a mistake.

Or I can just valid without checking “checksum Shelley” information?

valid without checking… is not an issue

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Thanks so very much for your help. Very much appreciated. It’s done and everything seems ok.


@Alexd1985 is awesome, I will add my 2 cents, whenever you are sending coins to a personal desktop/hardware wallet and its a new address/setup, don’t send all your coins or tokens at once. Do a test run with minimal set of coins/tokens 5 or 10. Make sure they get there in time and without any hiccups or issues. Then send the remaining ones. Again this advice is only when you are trying for the first time. That saves you from the misery of staying up all night. Thanks,


Wise checking with minimum amount for EVERY new wallet send / withdraw / exchange / buying / selling / stacking / etc.

Last but not least sending back small FIAT amount to the bank has to be checked, all point / steps take note of time / screenshots, etc.

Do your own testing, document the trail, and stay safe!