Daedalus 2.1 = Lost ADA

I installed the 2.1 Daedalus wallet yesterday / used my 12 word key phrase / watched the wallet synch to the blockchain (which took about 3 hours). Problem is, I had a lot of ADA in my wallet - BEFORE the upgrade to version 2.1. Once the synching process was 100% complete I expected to see all of my ADA in the new wallet. BUT, none of it’s there, the balance is only 0.6. I went from having a healthy stack, to a 7 cents worth. VERY concerned to say the least. Any assistance or advice would be massively appreciated.

Hi. You can check your history and status using https://explorer.cardano.org/en
Enter your public key and it will give you all of your info. The other thing is that the new Shelley wallets use a 24 word passphrase, not 12. Best of luck.

Hi Brad, I have always had a 12 word key phrase. I used it in the past, and I when I installed the 2.1 wallet, it accepted the same 12 word phrase I’ve used previously. I’m really at a loss here, and also don’t understand what to do with https://explorer.cardano.org/en. If I locate my “info” as you’ve put it, how do I gain access to, or secure my lost ADA?

Someone more tech savvy will help you here.I just know the basics. Best of luck!

You need to check your transactions to see what happened.

Thanks for the reply. My transaction history in my version wallet was about 25 transactions deep, but there are only 8 transactions - in total - in the 2.1 wallet. So, ADA is gone, and transaction history has been scrubbed too. I’m wondering if I should use Yoroi. I used a Yoroi wallet about a year ago, I have the 15 word key phrase. Is there a chance I’ll be able to access my ADA by restoring the Yoroi wallet?

Rob, does attached shed any light on the issue I’m encountering?

Sorry but for me that doesn’t help. Just under 18k ADA was received early in 2018, the wallet was emptied in May '19, with a few more smallish transactions since then, it never held anything like 36k according to this. I’m wondering whether you might have made a mistake with the seed phrase and restored someone else’s wallet… very unlikely but not impossible. Do the transactions that do appear look right? Did you buy 18k early '18 and sell again mid-'19?

Also, what about the other wallet, what did you expect to see there?

Edit: maybe you could check your transaction history at the exchange where you bought your ada?