Can't find my ADA after restoring old wallet

I recently moved and got a new computer. Tonight, I downloaded and installed Daedalus and restored my wallet via my passphrase. When the wallet loaded, it showed 0 ADA and 0 transactions. I should have 4 transactions and 45,000 ish ADA. I went back to my Binance account where I had purchased my ADA and transferred it and I can find my transactions and balance on the Cardano blockchain explorer but the address doesn’t match the restored address. I think it’s because I had used the generated address through my Daedalus wallet under the “receive” tab as suggested. When I had done this at the time, it still showed up in my wallet on my computer but now that I’ve restored my wallet, it doesn’t show anything. My old address I have saved matches the restored address but when I checked the blockchain explorer for my wallet address it also shows 0 transactions and 0 balance. Daedalus shows 100% synced. Any ideas/ help? Thank you.

I’ve figured out a solution… I just booted up my old computer, found the ADA in my Daedelus wallet there, and transferred it out. I still can’t figure out how my saved passphrase and address didn’t match the wallet I had. I copied it and saved it in multiple places like I do with all my crypto holdings but the address on my old wallet was different and obviously had a different passphrase. If anyone has any ideas on how this could have happened, I’m still interested.

Great to hear that it worked out! Try doing a test restore of your new wallet, so you can 100% exclude the possibility of an incorrect backup phrase in the future.

A Reddit user pointed this out:

Need to do your due diligence with this stuff. With any wallet this is what I do. Create wallet and write down private key. Then I send a small amount of crypto to wallet and confirm that it gets received. Then I delete wallet completely and reinstall and recover using private key. Then and only then am I sure that everything is fine.

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