ADA missing from Daedalus

Kept my ADA safe on Daedalus since early this year, until recently the sync failed and I had to re-install the app.

However, after restoring my wallet through the 12-phrases backup, my balance has been showing 0 with no transactions at all. These are the steps I’ve taken:

  1. Deleted folder and installed latest version.
  2. Removed wallet and re-imported it.
  3. Installed Daedalus on a new PC and imported the wallet.

Checked the explorer, the address sent from Binance showed the correct amount, 1 transaction total. On Daedalus however, previously used address didn’t show up.

How do I retrieve back my ADA?

Happened to me twice while importing my wallet to different PC, as it turned out in my case, I got 1 word wrong. the moment I got all the 12 phrases right it displayed my correct balance and the correct wallet address.

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There’s something strange going on when you mentioned that.

Out of the 12 words I wrote down in order and kept, 1 of them, specifically the 9th didn’t register (or didn’t exist) so I had to choose another and it worked. But that led to 0 balance which is very confusing.

It’s not a password, choosing wrongly doesn’t keep you out, it means you get a different wallet. You need to try again.


Hi Rob,

When the wallet first displayed all 12 words, I wrote all of them down in order. So trying different combinations is kind of impossible on my end.

Is there anything else I could try?

You need to write the words in order but maybe just like in my case you’ve written that “one letter” of that one word wrong. examples “aim” instead of “air” or “price” instead of “prize” or “oven” instead of “over” or maybe you forgot there is “d” in the end like “used” instead of “use”.


Carefully check the spelling of each of your words against the ones in this list.
I had this problem once because I was misspelling gauge as ‘guage’.


Perhaps you have backed up your entire system and can recover Secrets-1.0” and “Wallet-1.0
I got the idea here-


This is gonna be a huge game of trial and error, but I’ll give it a shot!

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Gotcha, thanks for the suggestion.

@Miner: Unfortunately I was not able to keep any backup as my hard disk runs our of space pretty quickly :confused:

It’s obviously too late in this case, but a backup on the same drive is not really a backup, it should always be on different media. Drive failure is I believe the most common cause of data loss.