Lost ADA

Hi, hope this message resonates, it’s a bit of desperate call for help. I have been holding onto ADA for 2.5 years; always believed in this project. Yesterday, my Daedalus wallet wouldn’t open, and I was forced to upgrade to / instal the 2.1 wallet. Once synching was complete (2.1 wallet) I noticed all my ADA were gone. From thousands of dollars worth to 5c worth. I’m hoping somebody in the community can help. I’m almost 50, and I NEED THAT ADA. I’m more than happy to pay for tech support, if anything can actually be done. Any assistance would be hugely appreciated. I’ve reached out to Cardano and IOHK, but no response yet.

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Follow the steps in the description https://medium.com/kysenpool/how-to-stake-cardano-ada-using-daedalus-miannet-wallet-df08bda0dae5

Hi, thanks for sending that link. The steps outlined in the link are the steps I took to upgrade to version 2.1. Now that my ADA are gone, I’m assuming I need to do something different to (hopefully) restore what I’ve lost. Any suggestions?

And you restored the 12 word seed wallet and fully synchronized?

Yes. I used the 12 word phrase during the 2.1 instal process, the 2.1 wallet is 100% synched, and I have 0.6 ADA. Should have a lot more than that!

First you restore wallets with 12 word seed

Restore wallets

You can also restore wallets on the main user interface.

  • Click on ‘Add wallet’ → Choose ‘Restore’.

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  • After selecting the type of wallet, click on ‘Continue’.

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  • Enter Recovery phrase, Wallet Name and Password to restore the wallet.
  • After the restoring completed, you would see the wallet on the top left corner.

Then create new 24 word seed wallet

Create a New wallet

Thanks again for replying, I’ll give this a go now.

read the attached above article carefully once again and strictly follow the steps. That is all I can help. Good luck. Of course the pool of your own choice :wink:

I did exactly what that article outlines. I’ve lost all my ADA by following those instructions, which is why I’m here, in this forum. Thanks for replying, I appreciate it, but I think I my assets are gone / unretrievable.

If you for some reason were hacked and lost your Byron (old 12 seed wallet) funds or Shelley (24 word seed) funds, then under transaction tab in either wallet, you can see transaction and ID. Check it out

I think I was hacked. I can see a SENT transaction: 17,992. I’ve only ever SENT large amount to my old 12 word phrase wallet. I’ve never sold any ADA, so never sent from Deadalus wallet, only ever sent TO my Daedalus wallet.

But that SENT transaction in Byron wallet might be to your Shelley one. Isn’t it still pending ? Check it out and cancel pending transaction

I haven’t set up a Shelly wallet. My 12 word phrase created a 'legacy 2.1 wallet, which is the wallet that should contain my ADA - but doesn’t.

So you have not followed the steps I sent you. Read this again if you please

No, I thought I had - followed those steps. I’ve restored an old wallet, and now I have zero assets. If I create a Shelly wallet, I will still have nothing in the legacy wallet, to move into the new Shelly wallet. Is that a correct assumption?

I see. You stopped at a first step and only restored Byron wallet that is empty, right? Can you give TX ID if you don’t mind. It’s public, so no need to be worried about

TX Id for which tx?

That Send that emptied your wallet

Sorry for not replying. I hit the daily limit for posts / replies - had to wait 24 hours before being able respond. I’m thinking I might be able to access my ADA by reinstating my Yoroi wallet.

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Sorry for you, but it won’t change things at all, afaik. Your wallet was emptied on 05/14/2019 and now your funds sit at address : DdzFFzCqrht6Z41CJkLP96frzhuzRGtihnnjGuW8cYvYdPxYJeJhqRfqWUNwTCFoLtdkuuumeGPfBeDUh36RRSAKBRP1bBcrhFm2wA41. The question is who and how has got a control of your seed or comp. You should undertake precautions for the future, to not allow it happen again.